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About the trees


Collection of trees, photographed at a small nature reserve, de Wolvenberg, Antwerpen.

Tranquillity and standstill amidst the hectic of railway tracks and highway lanes. Near my home, basically right in my backyard.


De Wolvenberg has a natural, neglected appearance. No planning, no cultivation, no humans involved so it feels.

A morose, gloomy, darkish, almost black, mood governs.


Then again there is that flash! Paradoxal. Bright light versus an aura of vulnerability.

Visual reality linked to the inner experience of it.


About the sea

A series of photos with sea views, done in Duinbergen, at the Belgian seaside.

Usage of extreme long shutter times reduce ships into long

stripes of light at the horizon.

A busily navigated sea-route is thus converted into an imaginary voyage.

The variation of the lines of light –or in the absence of them - reflects the

constant passing of time.

Time taken as a subjective and personal experience, like in ´having an ocean of time´.




"Open to intirely different and peronal interpretation"


This serie is my response to the tidal wave of images that is submerging our daily lives. Our flash-and-zap society oppresses also our sight.
I feel a need for quieting down, for slowing down, while at the same time not wanting to ignore the acquired digitalisation. My images are the result of a process in which intuition and self-control go hand in hand.


Image turns into imagination.
Distantiating myself from the traditional approach of the medium, I aspire to offer the audience more of a suggestive spectrum, one that provides room for introspection and imagination.
I cherish the power that emanates from an image. Images hold a mirror before us and thus make bridges between the outside world and our inner world.




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